Men and women are different, with different, equally sacred, roles


by Sofia Florencia Abasolo The Catholic Universe

In light of this fact, the news that women can now beordained as bishops in the Anglican Church, althougun surprising, is saddening. It is a decision symptomatic of
a country whose Christian ethos has increasingly been compromised in order to assimilate the values and the beliefs, i.e. the errors, of its time.

This is bad news for women. If anyone understood, cared for,and valued women (as women, not as late arrivals to amasculine world) it’s Christ; and he didn’t call them tothe priesthood. Miriano tells us that imagination, but also ambition, are lacking in campaigns where women demand‘equal’ rights. As a woman in my twenties living in theUK, I am used to ambition being automatically equated withthe ambition to be the same as men. Being an ambitiouswoman, in the sense that thesediscourses prescribe, meansonly to seek to earn as much as my male counterparts, to want to be considered for the same roles as them in theworkplace, not to let motherhood compromise my career, whichmust be situated outside of the home. Continua a leggere “Men and women are different, with different, equally sacred, roles”